Riley's puppies 6-7 weeks old

 29th of December 2020 We're outside on the grass with mummy Riley. It's a bit cold and wet so we run and run to keep warm. Human daddy took the photos (because our dog daddy Santee can't use a camera) and they were all a bit blurry. That's because we run so fast. I'm like a Greyhound!   It smells interesting out here. Catch me if you can! This is me, handsome brown, after we came back indoors again. 31st of December 2020 This was the last day of the year we were born! We were live on Facebook again. 5th of January 2021 Human mum has been a bit too busy to take lots of photos. That's her excuse anyway. We think she's just overdosed on EastEnders and Netflix. It's a bit difficult to tell us apart now, as a few of us no longer have collars. This is why. We chewed up almost all of human mum's stash of puppy sized collars. We did her a favour because EVERYONE knows that she loves shopping for dog collars and leads. Fun in the living room again. Lottie an

Riley's puppies 5 weeks old

22nd of December 2020 Time for some portraits.  I'm black collar. I'm big and strong. I'm blue and this is what I think of posing! Oh alright then. I'm the handsome brown. Brown I'm dark pink. Smallest and naughtiest! . Hello I'm green! I don't like posing either. I'm grey collar but what can I say -our collars all need a good wash! . You'll have to make do with one photo of me, orange. I'm not looking at that flash! Where did you want me to look? Ahead, oh okay then. I'm pink, like the rock star! I'm pretty purple. I'm red, the first born! They say I look like my dad. And then there's me, yellow.   Boring portraits done, now let's have some fun! Polly the Papillon puppy is lots of fun. We're getting tired now. Then it was something called Christmas and the little humans came to see us again. And their BIG Malinois puppy. On the 26th of December we had our latest Facebook livestream. You can see how much fun Polly is!